As Africa 's premier popcorn producer and processor, Advance Seed plants only the finest and best USA seed which is grown in the rich fertile ground of Central Southern Africa.

Owing to Advance Seed's unique location, it is able to harvest new crop popcorn from January / February every year, earlier than anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere. Furthermore, with Advance Seed's modern storage and State of the Art plant and packing facility, we can supply popcorn 365 days of the year.

The whole process from planting to harvest is monitored by Advance Seed's qualified staff, ensuring only the best popcorn is delivered to our Silos for cleaning and selection. This ensures only the best product is packed to meet our customers' exact requirements, guaranteeing profitability every time they buy from us.


Advance Seed packs only the best quality Popcorn in pack sizes to suit your needs, such as

  20 kg bags
25 kg bags
50 lb bags (22.68 kg)
250g or 500g pre packs for your retail business
22.5 metric ton of Popcorn per 20’ fcl
  We pack our Popcorn fresh, into either

Paper bags
Multiply Polyprop bags
Poly plastic for retail brands

We are happy to discuss your pack size and packaging requirements for your order


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